Complete Healing through the laws of health.

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About Us

Complete Healing Through the Laws of Health (CHTLH) is a non-profit organization / ministry which aim to assist individuals in improving the quality of their life through the use of nature’s resources. The holistic teaching of health reformation and its impact in sustaining life, and for the preservation of health, forms the core of the ministry.

The group is always growing and at our core is a team of passionate and trained medical missionaries whose main purpose is to preach and teach health reform to everyone we meet. We are committed to educate and enlighten individuals, their families and their communities. We seek to reach persons in their homes, workplaces, schools or churches so that they can be empowered to live life to its fullest. Our lecturers are missionaries from all over the world who have personal testimonies to the healing art gained by obedience to the Laws of Health (hyperlinked). They are experience in personal, health and business evangelism.

It is our goal to train medical missionaries worldwide so that sickness and diseases are minimized through education and practical application. We work to influence persons to choose to follow the Laws of Health through the creation of programs designed to develop a personal relationship with Our Creator through daily devotion and adopting the principles of health reform. There is a delicate balance between health, lifestyle changes, a plant-based diet, the use of nature and evidence based natural remedies to maintain holistic health.