Complete Healing through the laws of health.

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Gospel Medical Missionary & Literature Evangelist Training Donation

Welcome to your gateway to health. It is our honor and privilege to guide you on this journey. Please use the following step to complete your registration for:

CHTLH GMMLET: Healing to Transforming your Health


Step #1: Please select one of the following donation options. 

(PLEASE NOTE WELL: After successfully making your payment please carefully note the given Reference Number and return to this page and continue to Step #2 below)

Option 1. Any Size Donation  for Certificate of Participation: Jamaican Dollars         

Option 2. Any Size Donation for Certificate of Participation: US Dollars                       


Option 3. Full Certification Donation: Jamaicans Residents               

Option 4. Full Certification Donation: US and Foreign Residents          


Step #2: After payment please use the Button below to Register

Methods for a General Donation to Complete Healing (CHTLH):


Name: Mr Terrence Taylor


Wester Union

A/C Name: Joan Lamle

A/C #: 152881968

Wire Transfer/Direct Deposit

Bank: National Commercial Bank

A/C Name: Dr Joan Lamle

A/C #: 204049343

Branch: Hagley Park

Bank City: Kingston