Complete Healing through the laws of health.

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Organizational Training on Health Principles

Taking Charge of your Health

We would like to submit our proposal to conduct a series of health lectures in your organization to improve productivity and the health of your staff. As Lifestyle Educators, we specialize in:

Teaching people to take charge of their health

Preventing, treating and reversing lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardio-vascular diseases and cancer, among others.

We teach from proven scientific evidence that has stood the tests of time and are result-oriented.  Our health program also includes recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) plus eight decisive principles through which we have been able to successfully treat and reverse lifestyle diseases.

We are therefore seeking an opportunity to make a presentation to you and the members of your organization, to support them in their effort to improve or preserve their health. 

The lectures will run for 1 hour weekly for eight (8) weeks at a cost of $50,000. The lecture will cover topics listed below among other information.

The Laws of Mind

The Laws of Health

Reversing Lifestyle Disease

Creating a Healthy work environment

Is work making you sick?

Menu Planning

Cooking for Health

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle