Complete Healing through the laws of health.

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The Present Crisis


It is becoming increasingly obvious to businesses around the world that employee health is not only beneficial to the employees but also to the employers. Reports from Forbes, the Integrated Benefits Institute, Health ways and more have shown that employee illnesses are accounting for huge losses in productivity. Loss of production due to absenteeism is reported by Forbes to cost U.S. companies as much as $227 billion each year.

In Jamaica, the rate of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and lifestyle disease are increasing at an alarming rate resulting in reduced productivity and an increased cost to employers. The Jamaican government has created programmes like ‘Jamaica moves’ in an effort to reduce the incidences of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD). These health issues are responsible for the country’s increased expenditures on health care and have caused many deaths. The increased cost to companies from employees’ health insurance claims, hospital bills, sick leave, absenteeism, employee replacement, funeral expenses is a liability that need not exist.

The Complete Healing through the Laws of Health Ministry believes that Education is the key! Thus we offer our services to coach and train you and the members of your organization into the lifestyle practices and dietary principles which prevent, and eliminate these diseases. Where the need arises, this will be done in conjunction with establishment of Lifestyle Centers. Our treatment and reversal program involves the uses of foods and their healing power, according to internationally accepted standards upheld by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the laws of health outlined in proven scientific documents.


Support Program

Our plan includes a program to support each participant through coaching and ongoing follow-up necessary for optimal health. 


Privacy Policy

We undertake to protect the privacy of the “Individual health assessment” information coming into our custody: and to share them with no one except with the members’ written consent or as required by law.