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What is Pure Air

“Air is the free blessing of heaven, calculated to electrify the whole system.” (Testimony to the church vol 1:701) “And God called the firmament Heaven.” Genesis 1:8.

The Most essential element to sustain life is oxygen.

Without food you will die in a few weeks.

Without water you will die in a few days.

Without air you will die in a few minutes.

Blood and cells are dependent upon oxygen.

Fresh air invigorates the vital organs and aids the system in ridding itself of accumulated impurities. Fresh air also brings life to the skin and has a decided influence on the mind. Fresh air contains negative ions which help to immune system fight disease. The lack of fresh air causes specific problems such as fevers, colds, and lung diseases.

“The stomach, liver, lungs and brain are suffering for want of deep, full inspirations of air which would electrify the blood and impart to it a bright, lively color, and which alone can keep it pure, and give tone and vigor to every part of the living machinery.”—Ellen G. White, Testimonies Vol. 2, pp. 67-68.


Healthy Tips

Make sure you sleep with your windows slightly open.

Avoid wearing tightly fitting clothing, including belts and elastics.

It has been proven that proper breathing and deep breathing help in expelling the stale air from inside.

Pure air is essential to good health; include plants throughout the home to purify the air.

Open the windows daily in your home to have pure air circulated throughout.

Avoid having shady trees and fallen leaves too close to the house.

Avoid having spoiled fruits, vegetables or food in and around the home.